Create Chat Notifications

Chat notifications help you to get informed about your team's activity on in an instant. As of now 3 platforms are supported:
  • Discord,
  • Slack,
  • and Microsoft Teams.
You can get notifications about 4 events on
  • new Node added,
  • new Version created,
  • successful and failed deployments,
  • new teammate invited.


Before you start creating your Notifications on, make sure you have the webhook ready. You can find how to create a webhook for Discord, Slack, and Microsoft Teams in their official documentations.
Step 1: Click 'Notifications' on the left side.
Step 2: Select one of the 3 supported chat platforms.
Step 3: Enter the following data:
  • name of your notification,
  • webhook URL.
Step 4: Set the toggle for 'Active' or 'Inactive' notifications. You can change this later to activate or inactivate the notifications.
Step 5: Click 'Save' on the top right.
To test your notification, head to Notifications on the left, select the Notification you'd like to test and press the Test webhook message button.