Core functionality


  • Deployment – Initiate deployments to a single or multiple deployment environments called nodes. A node can be in any cloud, VPN, or on-premises environment.

  • Release & Configuration management – One-time configuration for releases in a configuration screen or a JSON. Configure releases in real time with your teammates. In progress: Specify bundled configuration variables instead of going through them one-by-one, repeatedly.

  • Instant test environments – Spark up your stack in an instant on your local machine after adding it as a node without assistance.

  • Monitoring – Check container and deployment statuses via the platform and interfere when required.

  • Audit log – Audit log allows teams to trace back activity that might have caused an anomaly.

  • Chat notifications – Automated chat messages on Discord, Slack, and Teams when a teammates makes an action on the platform, so they don't have to go out of their way to let others know about completed tasks.

  • Changelogs – You're able to create changelogs at ease based on commit messages with the help of Conventional Commits, so your team understands the purpose of new versions. This simplifies communication between departments who work on the product and outsiders, for example decision-makers. The generated changelogs can be sent out via e-mail or any chatbot integration.

  • Secret management – Store and manage sensitive data with our Vault integration powered by HashiCorp.

  • RBAC – Role based access control lets you distribute privileges based on their responsibilities to your teammates. This is important to prevent any wrongdoing in case a user profile gets corrupted.

  • ChatOps solutions – Interact with the platform and your stack via chat messages on the chat platform your team uses.

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