Integrations in progress

GitLab CI/CD & GitHub Action

The platform isn’t a CI/CD tool but it covers certain steps of CD and its release management related aspects.

Both GitLab’s CI/CD and GitHub’s Action tools can be integrated. Its main benefit is that the platform enables you to manage multi-instance deployments to different environments, and it enables you to manage several different configurations. You can bring multiple services and operational practices under the same hood.

  • Deployments: you can integrate the services and pipelines you already use to build your applications, and then deploy them to any desired environment.

  • Change log generation: increase the transparency of version management by generating change logs based on commit messages left by your developers.

  • Configuration management: simplified configuration management to keep your infrastructure under control while you focus on delivering value to your users.

  • Secrets management: HashiCorp’s Vault integration enables you to store your sensible keys, configuration variables, tokens and other things secure.

  • Monitoring: get notifications and alerts on multiple channels about what happens on your infrastructure.


Prometheus integration

Integrate Prometheus to track and monitor your application’s and infrastructure’s performance.

Grafana integration

Make the data tracked by Prometheus visible and easy-to-interpret to non-technical stakeholders with Grafana.

Graylog integration

Create and manage logs of events occurring for analytics purposes with Graylog.

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