Who is for?

In short: developers and DevOps engineers. But there's always a bit more nuanced answer.

Developers / Software Engineers / Programmers

No matter your job title, if you enjoy developing software, working with code, and couldn't care less about the rest, is for you.
The platform helps you to spark up your containerized apps on whatever infrastructure you use for any purpose you like and focus more on things you like to do.

DevOps Engineers / SysAdmins

Imagine as a hub where all the components of your infrastructure can be accessed, and containers can be started, shut down or restarted.
This hub not only grants you access to these resources, but also enables your teammates to interact with your applications in a self-service manner. You'll be only needed to help them with deployments and troubleshooting when necessary.

Indiehackers / Self-hosters

Tinkering with stuff is your passion, and we're here to help you with that. If a project you'd like to use has an OCI compatible image, you can set it up on your local machine, on-premises server or cloud infrastructure.
Tip for self-hosting enthusiasts: you can self-manage for free, unlimited, forever.

Startups / Organizations tired of vendor lock-ins is the right platform for startups eyeing containerization. The platform's release management capabilities help you spend your funds on meaningful stuff instead of wasting valuable engineering hours on repeated, mundane tasks.
As an organization, you might already have invested in some type of infrastructure. Moving your services from that infrastructure is painful and resource-heavy. With, it's completely unnecessary, because the platform can be used with your infrastructure right away. And in case you decide to leave, you can do so by exporting YAML-files to avoid losing your data.