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What is dyrector.io?

It's an open-source continuous delivery platform offering self-service deployment and configuration management capabilities via a GUI and API to any cloud or on-premises infrastructure.

You can find the project's repository on GitHub.

Demo (2 mins)

When to use the platform

  • You already have a Kubernetes cluster and want to manage it with ease.

  • Multiple users on your team need to have access to your containers for management.

  • You'd like to configure versions once, without repetition.

  • Your team needs self-service deployments for QA or sales purposes.

Platform introduction

UI & API for container management

A delivery platform that helps you by substituting Docker and Kubernetes command line interactions with abstractions. You're able to configure any OCI compatible containers with a configuration screen, and in a JSON-editor, as well.

You can use the platform by installing its agents on your infrastructure. The agent will communicate with the platform to conduct interactions with containers running on your infra.

Cloud provider & technology agnostic platform

The platform is ready to interact with your already existing infrastructure and clusters right away. The platform interacts with any existing cloud & on-premises infrastructure, as we don't offer infra. You can deploy images from any registry you have access to.

The platform can be used without moving your services to a brand new infrastructure. To provide quick setup, we don't offer any infrastructure to our users.

Chat notifications on Discord, Slack, and Teams let you and your team know about newly made deployments and versions to increase collaboration.

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