Where to start

For successful adoption of, it's suggested to gain better understanding of the platform by going through all segments of the documentation.

Understanding the platform

Check out the Components section for a basic description of entities and components of’s deployment & configuration capabilities. To better understand how your teammates will interact with, take a look at the Overview part.
Read the Features & Use cases sections to find out about use cases and best practices of’s features. If you're curious about upcoming features and integrations, check Roadmap.

Deploying with

If you want to cut to the chase, go to CLI to see how you can run dyrectorio's latest development environment locally. Check Tutorials to see how you can execute deployments with
Find out how you can use to deploy and configure your applications under the Tutorials section where you can see through how you can use each function step-by-step.
If you have any questions about, check the FAQ section. Join our community at the channels included in the Community section.